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It’s taken a while but the stuffed toy dog collection dogipide has gotten large enough that I’ve been able to keep up a slow trickle of Cerberus. Making the three-headed dogs means that I end with two extra bodies. In a few, very rare cases, I’ve also been able to find a fourth one of the same species as a completed Cerberus and make a dogipede. Splicing them together was a bit complected, but I do think the overall effect is a success. It also turned out to be a very good shape for cuddling and this one already has found a home! I’ll keep looking for more fourths to make more of this type of cutie.


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I’ve continued to try and make more of the classical creatures out of the stuffies.

altered stuffed animal, "seahorse"

altered stuffed animal, “seahorse”

The hard part is finding the parts. It’s one thing to go through the collection and then match parts just based on how the work together but it’s another thing to go for a specific combination. Not only do I have to find the right parts but they have to be in the same scale and I like to have colours that look good together. It’s much harder! One idea I’d had for a while to do was a “seahorse” or Hippocamp. This one isn’t quite perfect, the tail should be more of a serpent, but I’m still pretty happy with it, as a first attempt.

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While making the Demonic bears is fun, a few of the stuffies seemed better suited

small pink fairy bear, altered stuffed bear

small pink fairy bear, altered stuffed bear

to becoming fairy bears. They were just too sweet to become little demons so they’ve been given the cuter, butterfly wings. This was a case where I didn’t end up putting the wires in his wings. The tiny scale of the bear and the wings meant that the wires might have distorted his body. Besides they didn’t seem to need it since they are able to keep their shape all on their own. He is one of the smallest altered bears I’ve done so far and was so tiny that sewing him was more of a challenge then I expected, but it was worth it to get to the final cuteness.

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This is another of the altered stuffies.

conjoined stuffed animal monkey twins

There have been a few matched pairs that I’ve found and when that happens they get made into conjoined twins of various styles. I didn’t expect to get a matched pair of the monkeys, but was pleased enough when the second one turned up. The faces are really cute and I like the hands so opted to join them at the hips, so both their heads and fronts would be kept. They joined together well and I was impressed with how photogenic they also turned out to be. (it can be hard to figure out how to shoot them so they show well) I’ve put a few of the more interesting mutants up in the etsy shop and these guys are among them. We’ll see if anyone is prepared to deal with the shipping!

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As soon as I got started with the Demonic bears I had the idea of making

Spider bear. altered stuffed animal

myself a spider as well. The problem was finding a suitable matched pair of bears. Because I’m working with found stuffies, it’s not often I’ll find two of the same, in similar conditions, especially with the bears. That was why I was so pleased to find a perfect pair of identical white ones. They were part of a line called “Brass Button Bears” and this one was named “Opal”. Someone must have been a collector since they are from the eighties or nineties but were in pristine condition. I had first thought to just use the arms and legs but realized that I could also bell out the abdomen a bit, to enhance the spidery look. It was a bit fiddly, splicing on the additional limbs and remaking the torso, but I’m happy with the look. By the time I was done, all that was left of the donor bear was her head. It was also lucky that the stash included a range of eyes so I could get the needed eight. When I get the ideas for these sorts of little challenges, I can’t keep myself from doing them, but I can hope that they’ll stop being other types of spiders because I end up creeping myself out.

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This is another of the new altered stuffies. I call this style the Demonic Bears.

Demonic Bear with red wings and horns

They got started when I ended up with a few high-end bears who were jointed. The movable joints mean that they don’t come apart very well so I choose to go with altering them more than combining with other stuffies. Part of that choice also was that most of the bears are more cute than realistic and I think that some of what makes the merged critters so much fun is the mad scientist element of the animal combinations. So what I’ve been doing with them is attaching assorted batish wings and some of them get horns. (the other way I’ve been dealing with them is making Fairy Bears with what butterfly wings I can find) A couple even got tails. The wings are wired so they are fully posable and it surprised me how much personality can be expressed by wing position! This guy has a pair of red bat wings and the most dramatic horns I’ve done so far. He’s a bit bigger than most of the mutants and I have listed him in the Etsy shop.

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Next Saturday, I’m going to be doing a small show at the the Stratford Library

Kittenfly altered stuffie

as part of Culture Days. In preparation, I’ve been working on more of the mutant stuffies since I got so cleaned out at Fanexpo. Like everything I make, every batch is a bit different and these are no exception. In this round there are a few pieces where the alterations are less a matter of merging two or more animals but more of altering a single piece. This was one of the second type. (although, it’s wings did come off another stuffie) The base is an adorable Gund kitten. I shudder to think what it cost, when first bought, but it was in such pristine condition that it clearly never did more than sit out on display. The pink nose and ears were a perfect match to the pink tones from the butterfly wings so all I ended up doing was grafting the wings to it’s back. (and made sure they had a secure wire support so they would be pose-able) The cuteness factor was pretty high and when I left it in the store, after bringing it over to show some friends, it got snatched up. I don’t normally talk about things that are already sold but This one was too cute not to share. (and I’d already taken and prepped the photo so I’m going to use it!:)

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