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It has been an amazing season so far for the garden. Everything is growing so well and we’ve been enjoying full-sized tomatoes for over a month, which is the earliest we’ve ever managed.

We’re also getting lots more than is typical since the late blight usually cuts into the peak production. Not only are the large amounts of tomato, the tomatoes themselves are really big! This one is our personal record for size and was 2 pounds, 8 ounces! It’s also the third one we’ve had over 2 pounds so a remarkable harvest. There are so many we’re actually doing some canning but this one will be carved up for dinner!



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We have tried a really wide assortment of tomato types over the years.

black tomatoes, August 2014

black tomatoes, August 2014

Quite a number have been labelled as “black” and we have pretty much had at least a couple of black cherry tomatoes every year. With that being said, this is the first year we have had truly black ones. They were labelled as an “early black”, but are not moving all that much faster than the rest of the plantings but at least a couple have ripened. Of course, it’s a bit hard to tell how close they are to ripe since the colour doesn’t show much. They do turn an orangish red, on their bottoms, but never get all that soft, so even going with the gentle squeeze test is a bit difficult. The flavour is also a bit closer to a tomatillo than a standard tomato, and didn’t impress the tomato connoisseur, that is my mother so I don’t think we’ll be doing them again next year. While I know that tomatoes are in the same family as eggplants, I never expected to grow ones that had the same colour!

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Another year and more tomatoes. With the cooler temperatures and regular rains,

"early girl" tomato, July 2013

“early girl” tomato, July 2013

they are growing a bit more slowly than the last couple of years, but a couple of varieties are moving along well. The “early girl” is living up to the name and has already provided a few ripe fruits. (and set many more) The flavour isn’t as exciting as the Brandywines, but they are still better than what you can typically buy. We’ve also gone with the ceder sawdust mulch again since it seems to have helped to control the late blight. (I expect the extremely dry conditions had the biggest part in keeping it under control last year, but the mulch does appear to make a bit of a difference, so we’ll keep using it) A few were larger when they went into the ground and are making good use of their head start, but the rest are starting to catch up. I have noticed that while we’re getting good fruit set, the plants themselves are staying a bit on the spindly side. I’m not sure if that is a result of the large amounts of water and the recent intense heat. If they choose to grow tomatoes, instead of greenery, we certainly won’t complain!

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