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The Etsy shop has always been a bit of a melange, considering how many different

red gold gilded leather necklace

red gold gilded leather necklace

things we’re into. It’s main focus has always been the masks but some vintage and supplies were always there and now, the stuffies are part of the mix as well. When I recently started with a new line of gilded leather jewellery, I realized that I just didn’t want to throw it in there too, so I’ve opened a new shop, just for it. I’ve called it Gilty Hearts, since most of the pieces are gilded hearts. It’s been fun to actually use the some of the sterling silver leaf I’ve had around as well as some of the variegated leafs. This tiny heart is one of the red ones. The metal sheets are apparently heat treated to cause the colour changes. I’ve found that it’s hard to predict exactly what they will look like until they are fully finished since most of the sealants that are needed to preserve the finish, can cause some random colour changes. This one turned out really well, with a strong pink/red range.


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