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I’m going to be away from the store this week so we will be closed until the 31st of May. If you are in the area, you can still make an appointment to stop in, (call or email) but I won’t be available for framing consultations!


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I didn’t intend to take such a long break from this blog but it just sort of happened.

leopard dragon baby

leopard dragon baby

It’s been a really harsh winter here with the heaviest snowfalls we’ve seen since we moved here. Not only has a ton of snow fallen, but it’s stayed so cold that it never gets a chance to melt. There have been several days that the highway has been closed and the extreme cold has made getting around unpleasant. It’s also made it very difficult for me to take pictures of things so I’ve just been really bad about photographing my work this winter. (as well, the custom framing has been busy)

In the interest of trying to get back onto the blogging and picture-taking horse, I risked some frozen fingers and shot some of the new mutants. This one is a variant on a prior design but it’s a different dragon body as well as a slightly different head.

I’m going to work on experimenting more with shooting pieces indoors since I have a whole group of new jewellery using some of a wonderful lot of antique keys we found in the fall. I also have some more Steampunk masks and assorted other new bits and pieces to share so will try to keep up a more regular posting schedule. As for the studio hours, I’m keeping them as “by appointment” and we see how things are going in the spring.

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a brief break

The summer is wrapping up and I’m going to take some time

anemone, Sept. 2013

anemone, Sept. 2013

off from the store. While I will be here for the rest of the Labour day weekend, we’ll be closed from the 3rd until the 6th. (and Sunday the 8th as well) I will be checking email and phone messages but won’t be in the shop. I’m looking forward to a bit of a break before the fall gets going!

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A while ago some clients of mine brought in a stunning piece of original art for framing.

AyrSpace Gallery, Ayr ON

It was an early work by the artist Barbara Caruso (1937-2009). They had fallen in love with the painting when they saw it at the AyrSpace gallery in Ayr, ON. After it was framed, I got a chance to go to the gallery and meet Jill, the owner and she got to see the framing of it, in it’s new home. The Caruso pieces on show in her gallery have been left in the original, minimal frames the artist put on them and it made sense to do so since that leaves their treatment options totally open. (the frame I made was actually just floated around the existing one) We had a chance to talk about framing issues and design and realized that we have very similar ideas about both. While AyrSpace has a great range of original art on offer, they don’t offer framing and so we decided to work together! Every two weeks, on Friday evenings, I’ll be available for framing consultations at AyrSpace. Appointments can be made with Jill and I’ll be there to both design framing for unframed works as well as reviewing existing pieces on the archival level of their materials as well as for modification/updating. I’m glad to be working with Jill and we both hope that this will be a more convenient way for people to get access to quality framing and information. (oh, and a number of my masks are also on display for the holiday season!)

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I had stepped out of the store, a few minutes ago, to help Mother pick today’s crop

young robin, July 2012

of tomatoes, beans and basil, for our lunch salad. When I went back in, I realized that there was a slightly confused and panicked visitor stuck by the window. With the severe drought, the birds are having a hard time of it and one of the few places there are still edible fruit is on the red currant bush, to the west of the store entrance. (it’s shaded by the shed so it’s currants are still plump, unlike the one in the east lawn, where they have all shrivelled up) Throughout the day, I’ll hear the robins coming and going from it, and this is the first time one’s come in, but I guess this young one went the wrong way and ended up in the store. I was able to shift a few things and then take it back outside. It seems to have been okay for it’s little misadventure, and flew off to the fence with no problems, even if there were a pair of small feathers left behind. Hopefully, this little one will develop a bit better sense of direction as it gets older!

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We are still feeling the effects of the terrible hailstorm that hit us in April.

getting started on the roof

We’ve already replaced the van but didn’t really think about the roofs, aside from checking to make sure no holes had appeared. Over the summer, it was hard to miss that a very high percentage of houses in town were getting roof work done and we finally took a harder look at ours. We could see, even from the ground, damage to the stores shingles so our insurance company came out and did a proper evaluation. It turns out that both buildings took enough damage that the shingles and eves-trough need to be replaced. Now that it’s past the busiest part of the year, but still before the worst of the fall/winter weather, it’s time to get that done. The team arrived this morning and has gotten to work. Both should be finished by the weekend, but I’m still able to have the shop open, since the mess will go behind us. I’m glad that we got it checked and that the repairs are underway since it could have led to some unpleasant surprises this winter!

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This is another piece from our owl flock.

stone owl from Greece

It’s actually the most recent one that I can be certain about it’s age. (their collector also must have kept a complete inventory since most of them had stickers with numbers on them and it had the second highest number in the group) The figure has been carved from volcanic rock from Greece and has bright blue glass eyes. I was able to figure out his age since he is conveniently marked with a patent number. I was surprised at how weighty he is. I guess I had assumed that the volcanic rock would be much lighter than regular rock, but it seems to be much the same. The carving isn’t all that detailed but you still get a strong sense of owlness from it. He’s a bit too recent to go into the on-line shop, so he’ll have to roost here until someone takes him home.

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