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In the last big haul of “Steampunk” supplies, there were all sorts of clock and watch parts. It was from a repair shop so while there was a really random mix, there were also a few big groups of things. One was a large number of the tiny ladies watch cases. Another was a box of the matching ladies metal expanding watch bands. The bands were new so were in great condition and had the old, high quality gold plating.

I liked the look of them as well as the fact that they can give a bit of a flex to how they fit. They are also narrow enough to work in necklaces, unlike the men’s.crystalwatch4

I ended up doing a series of asymmetrical pieces combining both. I set faux stones and gems into the watch cases. (I have no idea how people read the time on them since the faces were super tiny!) The bands make up part of the chains.

For this set I was able to find a trio of cases that, while not the same, feel very close to each other. A set of faux rainbow crystal druzy stones were set into each case. Some old stock vintage aurora borealis crystal drops were hung below each of the earring cases. The necklace has three of the drops hanging from a small brass gear. Salvaged glass beads, that have a bit of the aurora borealis sheen, give the set additional flash.

It’s the only one I did with the matching earrings and I love the Steampunk glitz it has!

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pen1I’ve been trying to get better about taking photographs of more of my work. Since almost all of the jewellery tends to one-of-a-kind, it’s good for me to keep some sort of record. This was one of the ones where I was good about getting it recorded before putting it out for sale. Not that I got the photo up or anything like that. The main design drive for it was the large, salvaged piece on the top. It was paired to the watch body first and then the antique image, jewels and drops were picked based on it’s look so the whole thing works together. I love how it is so much more vibrant that I typically dare to go, but still has a very cohesive feel! It’s gone off with it’s new owner and it always makes me happy when people like my stuff enough to wear it right away.

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