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sgaftThis was another of the altered paintings. Once again, not a piece that had much in the way of artistic value to start with so it was a great candidate. At first, I couldn’t understand what was going on with the circular stone gate, but someone explained that they apparently are quite common in Bermuda. No matter why it was there, it had an extremely obvious solution! While I thought converting it to an active Stargate would be fairly simple, it turned out to be the most complicated of all the painting alterations I’ve done so far. There was just so much detail to it and I was trying to keep within the style of the original painting as well. (and the existing stone gate not actually being round didn’t make it any easier) It was necessary to use a dark enough grey to cover up the base picture, but that came out darker than anything else in in the original painting. As is, it stands out a bit more than I would have liked. Even with the various complications, it was still fun to do and at least I’m pretty happy with with how the event horizon came out.sgb4


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