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While I’ve made up a couple of Steampunk outfits for show garb,

"Dragon's Breath" scrimshaw panels

“Dragon’s Breath” scrimshaw panels

I hadn’t gotten around to much in the way of accessories. A few different concepts had been bouncing around in my head but it was hard to pick one. When I stumbled across a couple of suitable Nerf weapons last month, they made a good focus. Since these would be my first mods, I figured it was best to keep things pretty simple. There was very little change to the body of each but I decided to add in some accents of scrimshaw. I’d been given some antique ivory veneers that were pulled off a piano that was being scrapped and wanted to make some panels for each gun. The larger one was named “Dragon’s Breath” and so it’s panels are two drawings of dragons with the name done in Elvish script. Each piece was cut and trimmed to size first, then the image sketched in pencil. I used my Dremel to scratch in the pictures and then filled using casein paint. Since they are antique panels, each one has a wonderful, aged finish that really adds to the finished look. Considering that drawing isn’t really one of my strengths, I like how they came out.  There is still some work to do on the gun bodies before the panels can be attached, but I will put up pictures of the completed mods.


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