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After 8 years on Etsy, I closed my shop at the end of May due to some policy changes on their end. It’s taken a while, but I’ve finally got my very own website up and running! ( sort-of, not all the payment options are live yet, but that should be done very soon)

I went with Squarespace, since I’d spoken to other artists and heard good things. (their pretty templates helped too) After taking a TON of photos, I’ve got a good sampling of my work listed! Now to finish filling it out…



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I tend to stick to vintage components for jewellery making,

golden “Snitch” pendant necklaces

(and I have been a bit of a snob about the materials) but I will occasionally pick up some new materials. Mostly they tend to be the practicalities of functional findings, things like clasps and jump-rings. The danger in getting them is looking at the supply catalogues. There are always things in them to tempt me. Planning in advance isn’t the way I tend to work so I’ll generally just pick up a few things that appeal to me and then, hopefully, work them into something down the road. This time, I couldn’t resist some tiny brass wings. I also didn’t have to think very long about what to do with them. I pulled an assortment of gold and yellow beads, of a fairly delicate scale, and then gave each one a pair of the wings to make a flock of little golden Snitches. Each one is on a gold or brass-toned chain and they have a good mix of lengths. (and looks, since the stash is nothing if not varied) The whole flock will come with me to Fanexpo, but a few are in the shop, for now.

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