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In the last big haul of “Steampunk” supplies, there were all sorts of clock and watch parts. It was from a repair shop so while there was a really random mix, there were also a few big groups of things. One was a large number of the tiny ladies watch cases. Another was a box of the matching ladies metal expanding watch bands. The bands were new so were in great condition and had the old, high quality gold plating.

I liked the look of them as well as the fact that they can give a bit of a flex to how they fit. They are also narrow enough to work in necklaces, unlike the men’s.crystalwatch4

I ended up doing a series of asymmetrical pieces combining both. I set faux stones and gems into the watch cases. (I have no idea how people read the time on them since the faces were super tiny!) The bands make up part of the chains.

For this set I was able to find a trio of cases that, while not the same, feel very close to each other. A set of faux rainbow crystal druzy stones were set into each case. Some old stock vintage aurora borealis crystal drops were hung below each of the earring cases. The necklace has three of the drops hanging from a small brass gear. Salvaged glass beads, that have a bit of the aurora borealis sheen, give the set additional flash.

It’s the only one I did with the matching earrings and I love the Steampunk glitz it has!

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I’d been having fun with making Good Omens necklaces with pairs of shell wings, but wanted to do a few that were a bit more casual. The little banners I’d engraved for a couple of the wing pairs made me really happy so I wanted to try that as the main focus. Luckily, the stash provides and there were a few different shapes of mother-of-pearl drops to choose from. This one is a bit of a free-form drop and it was a good shape to show “Our Own Side”. One of the silver snake links takes up the left (Crowley) side while a gold shield with a pair of tiny wings makes up the right (Aziraphale). Of course, a little heart joins them together!2nwgo2

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I don’t do very many craft commissions. I’ll get the occasional custom stuffie request but it doesn’t come up much with the jewellery and I generally just make what I want and then offer up the finished pieces. This was one of the rare custom necklaces I’ve made.


One of my framing clients would stop in every year or so with more pieces and she always enjoyed seeing what I was up to in the crafts and decided she needed a custom necklace that made a statement. She’d seen the large chest piece I’d done using a brass clock frame and wanted something very much on the same scale with the theme of Time.

I had a second brass frame plate and that was the base. A trio of enamelled watch faces became the main part of the design. A pretty little watch case, with a red heart inside, was set into the centre of the top and flanked by a pair of tiny brass wings. Chains of glass beads and brass decorate it and make up the support necklace.

She loved it and told me how much she enjoyed wearing it, especially to any meetings where there would be “questions” about if/when she was considering retirement!

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The jewellery supply stash has all sorts of interesting bits and bobs and one of the things was a, truthfully, slightly tacky, necklace that was made up of snakes and skulls. I’d had it for quite a while, and had used a couple of the skull links, but the snakes just hadn’t jelled with anything. That was before I’d seen “Good Omens”!


I had been able to cut a few more pairs of shell wings and the silver snake components were perfect for the black, Crowley, side of a necklace. A silver key, with a silver feather balance it on the white, Aziraphale, side. One of the little skulls hangs between them and I made an apple drop from some red and green glass beads. While I stayed with silver toned chain for the whole thing, each side has a different style.

I loved the splash of colour from the little apple and used them in quite a few of this group.

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Last year, at the beginning of June, “Good Omens” was released on Amazon Prime. I’ve loved the book since the early 90’s and tried not get my hopes up too high about a tv adaption butI was thrilled to have been too pessimistic since it was fantastic!

Falling in love with a show very often gives me a creative burst and this was no exception. It took a bit for the making urge to clarify itself. One aspect is that I’m working on my first direct character cosplays for myself. (I’ll have pics and discussions of those as things get farther along)


The other group that came out was a collection of shell “wing” necklaces. I wanted to represent both characters and how they join together. To do it, I handcut wing shapes from empty shells I’d found and then stained the mother-of-pearl inside of one black while keeping the other in it’s natural pale tones. The first one I did, had a small heart from the stash, joins the wings and then I hung a little skull and a mother-of-pearl banner below and etched the banner with “Our Own Side” and rubbed some paint into the cuts so it shows. The wings are held in an open position by the placement of the chain attachment points. As often happens with me, the first is the one I consider mine so I’m keeping it!

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While I’ve frequently got some sort of plan for many projects, there are other things that come from putting random parts of the stash near each other and then seeing what my mind comes up with. Considering that I’m working with mostly salvaged and found materials, it generally means that there will only be one or two of any concept that they spark, but sometimes there can slightly larger groups.


A few years ago, I found some eggs. They were quite small, around 1 1/2” and painted with a wonderful marbled range of colours. At first, I thought they might have been plastic but a closer look showed that not only were they wood, but that their marbling was hand-done. They were a bit reminiscent of old Fordite and depth of the colours as well the smooth texture of the surface make me think they might have used automotive paint. Someone had gone to a great deal of trouble to make them but then either never got around to their intended use or did, and these were the leftovers. This is one of the cases where I would love to know the history of a supply bit, but it’s unlikely I’ll ever find out how they came into my path.


Their size and shape was close to a few vintage doll arms I had and one got used to make a small wearable doll. I loved the look of the doll, but had used all the spare arms so put them aside again. By the time I went into my next round of jewellery making, I’d added a group of leaf-shaped mother-of-pearl beads to the stash. Looking at those beads, I saw they could also read as wings and the scale was very close to the eggs! I had to put together pairs of the shell “wings” and match them each egg since the colours were so individual, due to the marbling. Then it was figuring out how to get them all hang together so the “doll” illusion held and then matching each group to assorted bits for the heads. A few got watch cases and ended up as the funky ones, while the ones with the glass bead heads turned out to look almost like little angels. I was happy enough with them that I used up all of the eggs, even if it did pain me to not keep one “just in case”!


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While quite a number of my things have a bit of a macabre edge to them, I don’t do a huge amount of stuff that is true “goth”. However, now and then there are some things that completely qualify. This necklace is one of them.



Quite a number of years ago, I found a pair of the Visible Man and Visible Woman anatomical models. Both were from the 60’s or early 70’s and both were damaged and missing a few parts. Over the years, they’ve slowly been consumed in a really broad range of projects but I’ve still got a few parts hanging around, waiting for their perfect use. It wasn’t until I got a group of old-stock crystal drops that this necklace came together. The right woman’s arm and the man’s left are bound together with wire and a red crystal drops falls from them. Chain and red glass beads finish the rest of the necklace. It’s simple, creepy and easy to wear. The elbows have some bend and they rest over the collar bone so it doesn’t look stiff. (heh, “stiff”, I’m prone to “pun”ishment) The wire that makes up the existing joints was in pretty good condition, and I liked the shape they have so it was left intact. I also didn’t age the bones since that would have pushed it to a full-on costume look and I wanted to keep it in a style where it can be worn in regular life. Now I just have to figure out what to do with some feet “bones”…

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