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We were out this afternoon, picking the last few tomatoes

hummingbird, September 2013

hummingbird, September 2013

when a tiny visitor was spotted in the nasturtiums. I’ve seen a few hummingbirds, over the years. Rarely more than one a year and never had them stick around long enough to grab the camera, so it was pretty exciting to have one hang around for a bit. This one was alternating between snacking among the bright nasturtiums and resting in the sun on the tomato hoops. She seemed quite calm about us gawking, although we did stay well back, since we didn’t want to scare her off. There was also some adorable squeaky commentary, when she was feeding, and some sticking out of the tongue after each bout. It made us wonder if nasturtium nectar has the same peppery zing as the petals!


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