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Last year, one of the bigger garden projects was that we put in four 4’x4′ “squarefoot” gardens. They covered over where the old septic tank used to be and make that space usable for crops. (it was solid clay and gravel so even grass had a hard time surviving in it)

I’m still getting the hang of how to make them work the best way for us but so far, they have been productive, even if I heavily over-planted them last year.


For this season, I started early and put in the first round of peas in mid April. One batch was our regular sugar snaps and the other was a new one called a grey dwarf that is also supposed to make edible pods. Just this week, both started putting out their flowers and I was pleasantly surprised  at the pretty flowers from the new pea. All the other edible ones I’ve ever grown just had white flowers but these are right up there with most of the sweet peas for the beauty of the flowers. I’m hopeful that the pods will be tasty, but even if they aren’t, I may let a few go to seed since I wouldn’t mind growing these as an ornamental!


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It continues to be a weird spring. Most things are far ahead of last year.  The plum blossoms opened over the weekend and have been drawing everything from honeybees to butterflies. They are almost three weeks earlier than 2011 and both have much larger numbers of flowers on them. I’m hoping it’s a sign of them settling in well. The cherry has also started to open some of it’s flowers, but isn’t yet in full bloom. On the negative side, we had a fairly hard frost last night, and while the trees all seem to be fine, our brand new asparagus patch is looking hard hit. We dug it in last year and put in quite a few crowns. Growth was fairly good last year but the stems were still very spindly. This year, we were pleased to see so many coming back and with nice sized stalks. Nothing was going to be cut this year, but it’s clear that many of the tallest shoots got frozen last night. I’m not sure if we’re better off to leave them, to die back naturally, or to trim off all the parts we know didn’t make it. I guess I’m going to have to go do some research and see what I can find out…

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