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Furniture isn’t our main focus here, but sometimes it’s almost impossible to resist a piece. Mother came home, a little while ago, with this Electrohome sound system.

vintage Electrohome stereo cabinet

I was seduced by its terrific mid-century design and fantastic condition. (there is some slight discolouration of the finish in an area of the top, but the rest of it is close to perfect) It has the original turntable and radio and both are intact. We plugged it in and put on a 12″ LP. The sound is just incredible! It even still has the attachment for playing 45’s. The only issue we found with the mechanical parts is that the radio tuner has been used so much that it’s worn enough to be a bit slippy. I find things like this a bit of dilemma. I’ve seen similar pieces converted into drinks cabinets or storage pieces that work perfectly in a hip, slightly retro space and it’s a great way to bring a vintage piece forward into a new century. On the other hand, it has a top-of-the-line sound system that still works and would make the perfect way to fully experience a classic vinyl collection. We just couldn’t decide what to do with it so we’ve left it intact, for now, and we’ll leave the call as to how to use up to its new owner. It has so many possibilities that I’m sure it will find one soon.

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