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After figuring out how to make my own custom plus-sized 20’s “flapper” dress, I wanted to finish the look off with a period headpiece. The dress was an evening style, so a fascinator or headband was the way to go and I ended up with something that was a bit of both.

We had recently found a group of tubular peyote bead woven necklaces and bracelets. One necklace had beads that matched the beaded details on the waist scarf and trim from the dress so it was the starting point. It was a bit too short to work as a headband so was sewn to a short band of black covered elastic. That gave the needed additional length and some flexibility to the fit. Plus, I find a bit of stretch is always more comfortable and stable on headpieces.


The necklace/headband looked pretty good already, but I wanted it to have more impact. The scarf that makes up the main body of the dress had been cut apart in the process and some of the middle was also taken out in shaping the neckline. I’d held on to the leftovers and was able to salvage a piece with some nice shape and sparkly accents that was about as long as my palm.


The edges were sealed by burning, like the dress neckline,and then it was mounted to a piece of black felt with some interfacing. This gave it body and stability. Some rhinestones were added. A scrap of the black silk velvet was used to make a small poof and a vintage rhinestone button was added to the centre. An ostrich plume and a few coque feathers were an easy way to get impact, height and movement with very little weight. The velvet poof was used to cover the bottom of the feather cluster. A bit of the same beaded trim that was used on the dress was added along the bottom edge. A pair of felt straps on the back secure it to the headband but allow it to slide freely so it’s very easy to position for the best look and comfort.


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This my favourite one of the fascinators. (I’m probably going to keep

white and green steampunk fascinator

it for myself since it will go with at least one of my outfits for Fanexpo) The centre is an antique, enamelled watch face. This one was a bit different than most of the ones I’ve seen in that it’s mounted on a brass piece that gives it a visible rim. A pair of tiny brass wings and gold beads replace the missing hands. Right under it is a rosette of faux leaves in pale green. They have a slightly sparkly finish that reads a bit like snow. Around them is a second circle of leaves, these are the vintage Japanese velvet ones in a darker green. The outer surround is a gathered circle of duponi silk in a off-white. It’s cut on the bias so it can be left rough, but won’t unravel. The topper is a pair of large brass hands with antique mother-of-pearl button that hides their wire attachment (and the not-very-pretty holes where they went into the clock) A soft green beaded tassel accents the bottom and gives it some additional movement.

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Since I was in a creative frenzy with all the jewellery and other bits for Fanexpo,

red flower fascinator

I figured it wasn’t too much of a stretch to cave and make some fascinators as well.  (I’ve had a few people ask about my making some but didn’t get organized enough to do it until now) We have such lovely ribbons, feathers and flowers around that combining them was tons of fun. I may have gone a little over-the-top with this one. It’s a large, highly realistic chrysanthemum flower from the mask making stash. (I picked up these beautiful faux flowers while I was still in Toronto and could shop at the high-end flower suppliers. Now I have to get lucky to find ones like this) A cluster of white ostrich feathers sets off the top. Below hangs a beaded tassel in the same rich red tones as the flower and a pretty little silver key.

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