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It’s taken a while but the stuffed toy dog collection dogipide has gotten large enough that I’ve been able to keep up a slow trickle of Cerberus. Making the three-headed dogs means that I end with two extra bodies. In a few, very rare cases, I’ve also been able to find a fourth one of the same species as a completed Cerberus and make a dogipede. Splicing them together was a bit complected, but I do think the overall effect is a success. It also turned out to be a very good shape for cuddling and this one already has found a home! I’ll keep looking for more fourths to make more of this type of cutie.


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I knew it was a bad idea for me to get started on modding the stuffed animals.

conjoined rat twins altered stuffed animal

It’s like an addiction, I can’t stop! At least I’ve managed to stick to ones that aren’t very large, (mostly in the Beanie Baby sized range) so at least I can tell myself that they aren’t taking up too much room. The other problem is that I fall in love with each one and am tempted to keep them all for myself, but that won’t end anywhere good. So, I’ve put a few out in the shop. I’m not sure if people will think they’re cute or if they’ll be horrified, but I’ll just have to wait and see. Some are fairly simple, like this little two-headed rat. I never expected to end up with a matched pair of stuffies, but I had already used the body of one rat for another piece when I came across a second one. From there, it was a bit of an automatic decision to go for the conjoined twins. (although, making sure that both heads were centred and sitting properly was a bit more fiddly to do than I had hoped,

oxen-giraffe altered stuffed animal

but it worked out) This one is a mishmash of a bull and a giraffe with a pair of little wings. I actually think this version shows off the cute little oxen’s face quite a bit better than the original. He has a very hopeful expression, hopeful that someone will take him home!

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