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A while ago we had a little bunny rabbit come in that was made

Gobel's salt and pepper set

by Gobels, the German company that is famous for their Hummel figurines. It was the first time I realized that they had a whole group of things that other than the cute little boys and girls that make up their typical line. Recently Mother came back with another of their pieces. This one is a trio that makes up a salt and pepper shaker set. The squirrel, pine cone and leaf are all separate. The holes that allow the flow of are usable sizes but very discretely placed so you don’t necessarily realize right away that they are shakers. (it has been pointed out that an acorn would be a bit more appropriate than the pine cone but I think they went with it so the size would be more even. The bright colours are fun and it has a great sense of personality. It’s the sort of thing that would appeal to not only Gobels collectors but anyone with a fondness for cute salt&peppers.


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I can’t say I generally pay much attention to the Royals, (The British and therefore also the Canadian ones)

Royal Worcester by Spode Charles and Diana Wedding mini plate

but they’ve been all over the news the past few days. I’m actually a bit shocked to realized how old Prince William is, since I can remember watching most of Charles and Diana’s wedding on the television. (It’s more about how old I am than anything else) I’m sure his wedding will be toned down at least a little but I’m also sure that there will tons of items made to commemorate it. I had mentioned that we had a group of Royal family items come in a while ago and the announcement has given me a push to finally get around to photographing and listing at least the wedding ones. The Wedgewood plate is up and I’ve also just got another of the mini plates on-line. It’s a Royal Worcester Spode, done under the Palissy name. It also still has it’s box and features the most typical design in the things we have. I’ve got an ever smaller mini-plate that is very similar and a mug that I still have to get up, but they should be done in the next couple of days.

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The stuff we have in the store has a tendancy to vary a great deal in terms of age. I love the antique things and newer stuff never appeals

P. Giovanopoulos designed Ritzenhoff tea glass

to me as much, with a few exceptions. I started my career as a framer in Toronto and spent most of my time there working in the downtown. It was a great experience since I got to deal with an amazing assortment of items and people were usually willing to pay for both the quality materials and go with strong designs. The store I worked in also carried a few select bits of giftware and one of the lines I always thought was fun is the Ritzenhoff collectible glassware. It’s a German company that makes all sorts of glassware, typically with fun packaging, and they constantly vary. Sets are made by the shapes, because each one is decorated differently. They commission artists to design pieces in the different shapes as well as the packaging. Mother recently came across three of their tea glasses. (the picture only shows one style) The cup is decorated and made of a heat-safe glass, (much like the Pyrex glassware) and each one comes in a pretty tin canister. They may not be all that old, (probably late 90’s, early 00’s) but they are totally collectible, so I’m happy to have them in the store!

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