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I can’t say I generally pay much attention to the Royals, (The British and therefore also the Canadian ones)

Royal Worcester by Spode Charles and Diana Wedding mini plate

but they’ve been all over the news the past few days. I’m actually a bit shocked to realized how old Prince William is, since I can remember watching most of Charles and Diana’s wedding on the television. (It’s more about how old I am than anything else) I’m sure his wedding will be toned down at least a little but I’m also sure that there will tons of items made to commemorate it. I had mentioned that we had a group of Royal family items come in a while ago and the announcement has given me a push to finally get around to photographing and listing at least the wedding ones. The Wedgewood plate is up and I’ve also just got another of the mini plates on-line. It’s a Royal Worcester Spode, done under the Palissy name. It also still has it’s box and features the most typical design in the things we have. I’ve got an ever smaller mini-plate that is very similar and a mug that I still have to get up, but they should be done in the next couple of days.

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I don’t watch a ton of tv. I do like it having it on sometimes when I working,

Rosenthal "Hilton" vintage coffee set

but I need it be a pretty talky show, where I can get away with mostly listening and the occasional glance at the screen. There have also been a number of shows that I’m sure I’d enjoy, but I didn’t get into them early enough and now I’m holding out until someone lends me the back seasons on dvd so I can get caught up before jumping in. Mad Men is one of those shows. I’ve heard great things about it, lots of people I know are raving, but I haven’t seen a single episode. It sounds like part of the fun is all the period costumes and sets and I would have a great time looking at those. A little while ago we got in this beautiful, vintage Rosenthal coffee set. I love how perfectly the shape, designs and finish are of the period, but it is so finely made that it still reeks of glamor and style. (if a china piece should ever reek it must only be of style or glamor ) A couple of ladies were in this past week and said they thought it looked like it had been lifted off the set for this new season. I may just have to stop waiting to get around to watching the back seasons and just take at look at the new one since I love playing “I recognize that set piece/prop!”.

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It’s funny how things turn up in groups. Just after I posted about the Charles and Diana tin,

blue Wedgewood Royal wedding plate

not only did it find a home but mother came in with a whole bunch of fine china wedding memorabilia. Actually, the group is more about the Royals generally, but it has a fair bit of Charles and Diana. I thought this was the nicest of the lot. It’s a blue jasper-ware mini plate by Wedgewood. The pair of them are beautifully sculpted in the white detail, over the blue. It’s mint in the box and was even signed by Lord Wedgewood himself in 1981! (the signature is on the back) I’m going to be working on doing some photography over the next few weeks because items like this are pretty collector specific and I think that, at this time of the year, it’s probably faster for it to find a home on-line than through the shop, although it will, of course, be decorating a display case until then.

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June gets me thinking about weddings. (although the one on our list this year actually happened in May) I’ve always tried to give unique gifts that

Crownford china wedding plaque

would have some personal meaning for the couple. If it isn’t something I created myself then I like to add at least a small vintage or antique token that has some history to it. (so long as the couple is the sort that likes that sort of thing. I accept that some people have no interest in anything that isn’t new. Luckily, I don’t know many people with that attitude!) I don’t have much on hand that is overtly wedding related, at the moment, but we do have this sweet little china plaque. It’s Staffordshire china and, from what I was able to find out, probably made some time in the 70’s. The factory closed in 2000, after 109 years in operation. I think the hanging tie may even be original, since the unfaded areas are an exact match to the china. The only thing I’m not sure I like is the use of the word “yoke” in a wedding verse!

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The hunt is still always on for Shakespeare items.


Wedgewood Shakespeare plate

(we haven’t been able to hang to any of the non-print objects we’ve been able to find) They tend to be pretty thin on the ground so Mother was pretty excited to find this one. It’s a gorgeous Wedgewood piece in fine bone china. The central image is of the old Globe Theatre, with a performance underway. Surrounding it is a detailed ring with titles from his plays and then, out from that, a range of characters. The colours are all warm and soft so it looks like it could be a period piece. It is typical Wedgewood, in that the quality of the painting and details are top-of-the-line. I had never heard of this design and have never seen another one. (even more shocking, neither has Mother, and she is seriously into china) I very much doubt that it will be around long.

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