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There are some books that speak to the heart, they stick with you.

framed Velveteen Rabbit

framed Velveteen Rabbit

Some of the best ones for that are children’s books. One of the classics is the Velveteen Rabbit. There are many different versions of it but one of the best illustrations of it, in my opinion, is by Donna Green, done in the early 90’s. The paintings, that go with the story, are beautiful and so well done that when I found a copy a while ago that had a damaged cover, I decided to frame some of the pages. I selected a number that I thought were both beautiful and could stand alone as art. Two were of a facing pair of pages and they were carefully spliced together, to recreate the single image they would have started as. Only one, in the group, has writing, but it is the scene where the fairy comes to make Rabbit real and not only is the image one of the prettiest, but the words are a distillation of the whole book. There is quite a range of colours in the images and I wanted to keep options open for the group, so mixed the frames as well. All of them are from a discontinued line of rustic burlwood veneers in a flat, square modern shape. It came in two widths and I loved that line of moldings. I think that there is enough of a cohesive look to the finished set that they could all be hung together but any can be hung on their own, as single works of art.


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