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As the temperature dropped this past week, the insects were getting sluggish. mon1 I had a bumblebee get tangled in my hair while raspberry picking and didn’t even notice her until she had warmed up a bit and made some buzzing noises, once we were back in the shop. She was still slow enough that I was able to pop her into a dish and take her back outside without a problem. I also found this Monarch in the new bed around the wellhead. I think it is one of this years crop, since it was so perfect and clean. The older ones I’ve seen look a bit worn. It had come in for one of the flowers and seemed to be trying to warm up a bit before heading off. In the late season insects we also had this extremely pregnant praying mantis pm3 show up in the back garden. She could barely walk and was clearly looking for a place to lay her egg sack. I’m hoping she found a suitable spot on the property since predatory bugs are something we want more of. I’ll be keeping my eyes open for a herd of little mantises next spring!


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We have a couple of freestanding flower arrangements on bf the property and when I saw this huge butterfly flitting about one I ran off to grab the camera. Luckily, it stuck around long enough for me get some shots. It seemed to not be comfortable with me getting too close so I hung back and used the zoom feature. Going through some websites, it looks like it is a Giant Swallowtail ( Papilio cresphontes ) and from the descriptions of their flight differences, probably a male. The flight movement was much closer to a bird than most other butterflies and he was incredibly flappy about the wings, even while feeding, which made taking the pictures difficult. I really couldn’t get over just how large he was, which shouldn’t be a surprise since they are the largest butterflies native to the region, but I don’t remember ever coming across one before. The marigolds seemed to be what he liked the best and he sampled several ones, on both sides of the planter, before heading off.

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