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While I’m prone to going off on odd little tangents all on my own,

Bacon crown

Bacon crown

sometimes I get pushed down the path of strange. A while ago I’d made a mask that looked like it was covered in strips of bacon. It has been up in the Etsy store, but I can’t say that I had high expectations of it finding a home. However, it seemed a good way to help show the range of oddities I’m capable of making. So it was a bit of a surprise when it was sold a while ago. The gentleman who bought it asked if I was interested in making a matching crown. Was I, of course I was! We talked a bit about some possible styles and I ended up making it with graduated vertical strips. Both the strips and the band are salvaged leather that has been painted. Wire supports keep the high, centre strips vertical, while felt and ribbon lining on the inside protect the wearer. I’m really hoping to get some pictures of the complete outfit since the mask and crown will be the finishing touches on a bacon suit and cape for Mardi Gras. (and I also have to say what a joy it was to work with someone who was so organized about their planning and got this underway with plenty of time for both the creation and shipping)


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