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This past weekend, we’ve been hit by a freakish, (is anything this year not extraordinary?) cold snap. The polar vortex has swung south so a deep freeze is giving us lows I’ve never seen in May while we’ve been here.asparagus1

I’m still holding out hope for some of the fruit trees and my haskap bushes to pull through, but there are some things that I knew would not be able to withstand that level of freeze.

The biggest was the asparagus. While it’s been a bit slow, (lack of rain has helped keep it down as well as the milder bouts of cold) we were getting tips coming up. Thing is, asparagus is a total frost diva. More will come up later, but anything that is above the ground will be killed if it freezes. I think part of the issue is how juicy the spears are. At any rate, once we had confirmation that frost was coming in, I just took everything. At least it was tasty!

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