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IMG_6878So we got full confirmation that I’ll be part of the Artists Alley at Fan Expo in Toronto this Labour Day weekend! I haven’t been back since 2012 but had a great time at Comic Con this March. (Fan Expo is much bigger and busier, so I have to expect that it will be quite a bit more tiring) I will be sticking to pretty much only the stuffies since space is so limited. While most will be my usual range of plush curiosities, I’m also indulging myself with making some fanart bears. I’ve been loving the Marvel movie Avengers and couldn’t resist making a few Winter Soldier versions of Bucky Barnes. (there is a whole thing in the fandom about Bucky Bear) The few I brought with me all got snatched up at Comic Con, so I’ve been working on a some more for Fan Expo. (and putting a few of them up in the Etsy shop as well) This is one that I just finished and I especially love his face. The base bear was a limited edition one, so it isn’t surprising that he’s so nice, but the outfit and arm prosthetic turned out really well too. I’ve got a few more one-off pieces that are underway too (I want to have at least one in honour of Agent Carter star Haley Atwell, who is one of the guests) and have been hunting some bits and pieces for them. When you find yourself saying things like, ”Look! I just found the cutest mini sub-machine gun!” you start to wonder if you’re heading down the right path in life…


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I’ve got a number of shows I’ll be attending this fall Quetzalcoatl and have been working on some new stuffed creations. One I’d wanted to do for a while is a version of Quetzalcoatl, the feathered serpent. When we found this lovely, large snake, I knew it was a perfect base and got started right away. He’s all done and is ready to be shown for the first time this weekend! We’ll both be at the Royal Medieval Faire in Waterloo on Saturday, the 20th, so stop by and say “Hi!”, if you’re there. The gallery will still be open, if you’re coming through Shakespeare, but I won’t be there to do framing consultations.

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Up to now, all my spiders were done using bears. img_5758 They were the most likely to have suitable fur and body shapes that fit well to the adaptation. I also need a matched pair for them and early in my experiments in mutant creations, using any pairs for twins was a safer option. At this point, I’m more secure in my spider -building abilities and when I recently got a pair of red-eyed frogs, I figured it was time to try expanding into other species. It helped that the stash had four buttons in the perfect red, to match the eyes! This was also the first time I was able to salvage the eyes from the second donor since they were set into sockets that could be taken off and re-attached. I chose not to alter the body too much, it was just rounded out a bit in the back, to better accommodate all the legs. The legs seemed especially suited to the spider look and I love how the magnets in them attach to each other and metal things. I was tempted to take a picture of her climbing the map case, in the store, but resisted.

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