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The altered stuffies I’d had on hand came with me to Toronto

gift sketch of Dino-dog altered stuffie

for Fanexpo and a most of them found homes. One of the later ones to go was the Dino-dog. It’s always hard, creating things and then letting them go. The stuffies are especially difficult due to the cuteness factor and how each one has such a distinct personality. Everyone has tempted me to keep it for myself, only a firm grasp of the reality of my storage space got me to put them up for sale. Some people understand the difficulty involved in handing them over and, in the this case, his new owner appreciated his character and was excited enough about him that she drew me a picture to remember him by. It was so sweet of her that I had share!

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Recently, the last of my Spider masks sold and went on a journey to Australia. It’s actually the farthest, that I know of, that one of the masks has travelled and I thought it fitting that it was going to the land of terrifyingly huge spiders. It’s new owner told me it would be used in a performance piece but I had to wait a while to see it. (she was organized enough to give it plenty of travel time, even if it did get there really quickly) It was worn to help create the character of Arachne in “The Blood of Arachne” and was part of Free Fall 2012. Here’s their description of the piece:

Naomi Oliver will take on the mythical persona of Arachne  and interpret the monotonous weaving of her web  through materials and performance nstallation. Douglas, encased in a red body suit, becomes her hapless victim as he is trapped  by the enmeshed form of her threads. The work is a metaphorical interpretation of Douglas kidney disease that he has lived with since 2004 and explores themes around suffering and entrapment, body degeneration. illness and death.

You can even watch it on youtube!

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Pretty much, with the masks, I just make what I want to and then list them as finished pieces.  However, I do get the occasional call for custom work. A little while ago I had a request for a pair of masks in the very traditional Venetian pairing of gold and off-white. I also don’t typically do pairs since the way I hand- make my masks means they won’t be exactly identical, but the client said she was fine with a bit of variation. They were a fun to do, and I love the look of the gold gilding against the the antiqued white. (and I’ve got to remember to make a few more of this style for the shop) Once they were done, they got wrapped up and went off to California. I don’t often get see what my clients end up doing with their masks, but Margaret, a photographer, was kind enough to send me some of the pictures from her first shoot using them! (and it looks like she’ll be using them again for even more!) I love the soft dreamy feel in the pictures and am impressed with how well her models beautiful eyes show through the mask. (especially since we didn’t have a chance to custom fit them in advance) You can check out more of the shots on her facebook page and also her blog.

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The masks head out all over the world to go out and have adventures.

at the Ballet fundraiser!

If it’s on-line, or in person, I always ask them to send me pictures, if they wear them anywhere fun. Most of the time I don’t hear much, which isn’t too much of a surprise since people are busy, but I appreciate it when they take the time to forward a picture. This was one of my ornate silver Venetian masks, crowned with the brown feathers, that was purchased from the studio last year. When Sandra stopped in this year she showed me the picture on her phone and I asked for a copy, so I could share it. They attended a fundraiser for the Rochester Ballet last fall and it was part of a stunning ensemble. (The very fun bat mask that her husband is wearing isn’t one of mine) It’s so good to see one of the masks “in the wild”!

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I did another on-line interview about my masks recently (it is the season, what with Carnival )  and I just realised that I never posted the link. Eek! It was by Jewelz Creatives on her Artfire blog. Check it out!

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Artfire encourages it’s members to blog about their art and interests and even provides a platform for us to use! I’ve been settled in here long enough that I didn’t choose to move but I still think it’s a great concept.  Some other artists also spend some time talking, not just about their work, but things that grab their attention. As a result, I just did an interview for Created Sensibilities about the masks and my process. You can check it out here!

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One of my new, colourful Carnival masks

Gold and purple Venetian masquerade mask, "Mauve"

is on the front page of Artfire right now! It’s in a collection called “February Baby“.

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