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I didn’t intend to take such a long break from this blog but it just sort of happened.

leopard dragon baby

leopard dragon baby

It’s been a really harsh winter here with the heaviest snowfalls we’ve seen since we moved here. Not only has a ton of snow fallen, but it’s stayed so cold that it never gets a chance to melt. There have been several days that the highway has been closed and the extreme cold has made getting around unpleasant. It’s also made it very difficult for me to take pictures of things so I’ve just been really bad about photographing my work this winter. (as well, the custom framing has been busy)

In the interest of trying to get back onto the blogging and picture-taking horse, I risked some frozen fingers and shot some of the new mutants. This one is a variant on a prior design but it’s a different dragon body as well as a slightly different head.

I’m going to work on experimenting more with shooting pieces indoors since I have a whole group of new jewellery using some of a wonderful lot of antique keys we found in the fall. I also have some more Steampunk masks and assorted other new bits and pieces to share so will try to keep up a more regular posting schedule. As for the studio hours, I’m keeping them as “by appointment” and we see how things are going in the spring.

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