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Sometimes I come across things that might not be standard jewellery components,

crochet rose necklace

crochet rose necklace

but I can’t resist using them. (okay, so I’m honest enough to admit that a good chunk of what I use didn’t start out as jewellery supplies but some things are a bit more of a stretch than others) A vintage crochet doily had these fine roses along the edges. While I don’t do crochet, I appreciate the work and was able to tell that the roses were done as separate pieces that could be removed. They were small and delicate enough to be made into a necklace. Their centres were accented with rhinestones in a deep, co-coordinating pink. Some salvaged glass beads link them together. I went with greens on the links, because it reminded me of flower stems/branches. The centre drop is also salvaged rhinestones, in a pale green to match the links. There were also enough of the roses that I could make a matching pair of earrings. As I typically try to do, the clasp has a variable length closure so it will fit a range of neck sizes as well as hanging at different heights.

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