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It’s been a while since I made a new batch of the Greenmen masks.  It’s been hard for me to find a good sized batch of oak leaves, so I’ve tended to use ivy for most of them. When I got lucky and came into a large number of realistic oak a while ago, it was finally time to to work on a batch using them. This was also the first time I used the new “eyeglasses” forms for a Greenman. (It’s one of the more common styles that people ask me for that can be worn over glasses) For this one, I went with the gold gilding and then painted the leaves in fall tones. (the other two Oak Kings are green/gold and copper/fall) It being my first time with this form, I ended up with it being a bit less symmetrical than I typically go for. I also think I’ll probably make the next one a bit bigger but it should still cover most styles of glasses. The fall tones work well with the gold, but I find they go best with the pure copper leaf.

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This is another of the altered stuffies.

conjoined stuffed animal monkey twins

There have been a few matched pairs that I’ve found and when that happens they get made into conjoined twins of various styles. I didn’t expect to get a matched pair of the monkeys, but was pleased enough when the second one turned up. The faces are really cute and I like the hands so opted to join them at the hips, so both their heads and fronts would be kept. They joined together well and I was impressed with how photogenic they also turned out to be. (it can be hard to figure out how to shoot them so they show well) I’ve put a few of the more interesting mutants up in the etsy shop and these guys are among them. We’ll see if anyone is prepared to deal with the shipping!

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