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This necklace is far chunkier than I almost ever make.

steampunk necklace with carved tigers eye

The chain was in the stash, but it was getting ignored, due to it’s large scale. What made the difference was realizing that it’s colour was a match to a lovely rose gold watch case. It was one of the pretty, ladies cases that were so popular in the 20’s to the 40’s. This one had a great shape and was big enough that it also was the exact size to fit a vintage carved tigers-eye cameo. The case works well as a setting for it and the band loops are decorative as well as making excellent attachment points. From the bottom, a string of beads, including some more tigers-eye, giving it a bit more length and interest. The finished piece is dramatic but would look good with a wide range of clothing styles, if you have the fashion moxy to work it!


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The altered stuffies I’d had on hand came with me to Toronto

gift sketch of Dino-dog altered stuffie

for Fanexpo and a most of them found homes. One of the later ones to go was the Dino-dog. It’s always hard, creating things and then letting them go. The stuffies are especially difficult due to the cuteness factor and how each one has such a distinct personality. Everyone has tempted me to keep it for myself, only a firm grasp of the reality of my storage space got me to put them up for sale. Some people understand the difficulty involved in handing them over and, in the this case, his new owner appreciated his character and was excited enough about him that she drew me a picture to remember him by. It was so sweet of her that I had share!

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This summer’s drought has affected so much of the garden.

raspberries, Sept. 2012

Even the raspberries are having a hard time. They’ve survived and, while shorter than usual, have set their typically large fruit clusters. The thing is that they are running way behind in terms of ripening. We’re finally up to getting a handful or so of berries a day but this is nearly a month later than we’re used to. What we need is a good rain for them to get the production really rolling. Of course, we’re back in drought conditions, but there is some hope for rain next week. (at the moment It think we have the possibility of rain every day next week, but only one has it with a probability of more than 50%, so I’m not holding my breath)  If the fall runs as warm as is predicted, we may still get a decent harvest, but the canes can’t hold up to a solid frost.

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