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Off to the Conference

It’s that time of year again and I’m off to the International Art and Framing Show. (and getting in a short vacation at the same time)  I’m looking forward to this one since there is not just one but two workshops on specialized gilding techniques. It’s great to have the opportunity to do these kinds of workshops since they are so rarely available. The store will still be open for viewing, by appointment. Just call and you’ll be able to stop in but I won’t be around for framing/art consultations.  I’ll be back, and at the store, on Tuesday February 7th.

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One of the nice things about having a group of the enamelled watch faces

Steampunk mask with watch face

finally in my paws is being able to use them for masks. Some of the faces have been made in such a way that the smaller dial is actually a separate piece that has been welded into the larger. Often they can be taken apart. I like the smaller pieces since they are a better scale for jewellery and small collages. This also leaves the full face with an opening that is just big enough to be used as an eye-hole. It doesn’t provide the best or most complete field of vision, but it does look very striking! In cases where my choice for one eye results in restricted vision, I try to compensate with the other and make sure it is very open. The metal piece that makes up the left eye is another bit of watch case salvage that is almost the exact same size as the outer edge of the face. While it does have the Steampunk feel that I hoped for, it also has an almost cartoon-like look of surprise. That’s part of what enjoy about making the masks, I can never perfectly predict how any one will come out until it’s finished.

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This batch also has a more typical Steampunk mask using the eyeglasses form.

brown leather steampunk mask for over eyeglasses

The brown leather is from a newly salvaged lot and I love the warm, worn tones and buttery-soft hand it has. The vintage brass piece, that surrounds the right eye has a great shape, and turned up among the assorted watch/clock parts, but I have no clue what it’s from. The key that hangs below it is modern, but looks vintage and is attached using a Victorian jewellery finding. (there were a number of intriguing little antique findings that were mixed in with all the watch stuff) The left eye piece is also modern but doesn’t look it and has the benefit of both a plastic crystal, making it lighter and safer than glass, but also being in mint condition. (we came across a small group of what I think are mini clock cases. The fronts are perfect and I just quietly disposed of the back pieces) I’ve been so happy with how the finished piece looks that I keep forgetting that it’s one of the eyeglasses ones!

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Now that all the bustle and rush of the holidays are over,

Cyberpunk or Steampunk mask in black leather

I’ve been able to get listing some new masks. The wealth of new materials, from our haul of clock/watch parts, made easy inspiration for a whole batch of Steampunk pieces. I also wanted to get a few done using the form that fits over eyeglasses. Using bases from it for this type of mask is really fun, since the shape already gives me a great starting point and also makes it easier to incorporate some of the odder bits and pieces. This is one of the first ones and is more along the Cyberpunk lines. One eye is done with a vintage watch case and the other has a similarly shaped opening, but I’m not sure what it was. The flatter front, over the eyes, worked well with them both. This also seemed like the perfect piece to finally go for the radio tube “horns” I’d been thinking about since they came into my hands. I’ve called it ‘Loid and I think it’s a fine addition to my “Mad Scientist” line.

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