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While the beaded gloves I talked about yesterday have a great style to them,

vintage white kid leather gloves

they just do not have the all out, show-stopping glamour of the other two pairs in the group. Both of the others are long, elbow length white kid leather. One has been worn, (not that it has much wear, but they have clearly been worn out at least once) the other is in mint condition. It even still has a small support card in one of the gloves! (and a small stitch of thread, holding the two together) The kid leather is so incredibly fine grained and smooth that it almost feels like satin. While the leather has a bit of stretch to it, it’s not as flexible as a woven fabric so both pairs have a small set of buttons at the wrist so they will go on and then fit perfectly. I shudder a bit to think about what they must have cost new and it surprises me that the one pair was never worn but I’ll never know the story behind that. Considering how they will need someone who not only has tiny hands but a daring sense of style, it’s likely we’ll be putting these up on-line as well as having them in the shop. All the easier to help their new owner find them.

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These days people tend to wear what ever they want when attending events like the theatre.

beaded white short vintage gloves

I’m all for being comfortable and enjoying the experience however you want, but I do think we’ve lost a bit of the glamour that used to be part of going out somewhere nice. Not to say that some people don’t still go all out with the dressing up. It’s part of the fun, attending performances at the Festival, to see some of the outfits. (although, you tend to get more of the dressy ones at the evening shows) I also love that we have a range of vintage accessories around that can help give anyone who wants it, that classic glamour. We pretty much always have a few examples of the rhinestone brooches, but the more exotic items aren’t as dependably around. Recently we got in a small group of white gloves. One is probably from the fifties and they are short but beaded. They are a synthetic fabric but still a fine quality. I think it’s unlikely that they have ever been worn since their condition is pristine. The beading is all on the top and is done with, what look and feel like, white glass beads. The only white gloves I ever wear are the thin cotton ones that will protect artwork from the oils/acids in my hands, but these would tempt me to going for full-on glam, if only they fit. Alas, it is not meant to be so they will have to wait until the right person, with small delicate hands, comes in to take them home.

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I’m a bit shocked to realize how close we are getting to Thanksgiving!

pumpkine scone prototype

It’s one of those holidays that always seem to come as a surprise. It creeps up in the business of the fall/pre-Halloween season and gets forgotten about until it’s almost upon us. I’m not sure how we’ll end up celebrating the day, but I have been working on a special treat. I’m experimenting with creating a pumpkin scone. (I think the scone obsession may be a result of the Cafe across the street being closed for the season. No more tasty scones unless I make them myself) I think I’ve finally got the recipe mostly worked out. I started with a classic base, and modified from there. The sugar was reduced a bit, since the first batch of pumpkin puree was pre-sweetened. The spice level took a couple of tries as well, and it seems that a full teaspoon of the pie mix gives the right amount of seasoning. Our recipe calls for one egg and ½ cup of milk. To be able to add enough pumpkin puree, I upped the flour a ¼ cup. Then replaced the milk with around a ¼ of plain yogurt and a ½ cup of the puree. (and a teaspoon of vanilla, just to help increase the pie-like effect) This round turned out a bit on the wet side, so the shape isn’t as smooth as it should be, but there was a bit more yogurt in it due to emptying out the container. I did find, from an earlier batch, that if it’s a bit dry, some more puree can be worked in and gives a lovely stripe of orange in the finished scones. The next thing is to see how it goes with the plain puree and get all the measurements written down exactly!

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In getting ready for the Halloween season I’ve been continuing to make some more masks.

large chalkboard mask, Draw

I had finished a simple black mask that was covered in a gilded quote from James Baldwin. While I was happy with how it turned out it got me thinking about ways that people could choose their own quotes. I had some chalkboard paint on hand, from other projects and thought it might be possible to use it on a mask. I did a test run and found that not only will it stick well, but it moves with the flex of the mask without chipping! I went ahead and made a pair of plain ones, that would work for a couple, and a single cat mask. It was really fun, decorating them with assorted chalk designs for their listing photos, and it let me see how easy they are to clean and redo. I have them listed on Etsy, but they are also around in the shop.

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A day at the falls

Now that we’re through the busy times of the summer I really wanted to get

Rainbow Bridge and Niagara falls

away for at least a day or so. (August seemed especially long, partially because I ended up being open on most of the Mondays) One of the benefits of living here in Southern Ontario is that there are so many great places to visit that are easy to reach by car. Deciding to take advantage of that, we headed out after closing on Sunday and ran off to Niagara Falls. I had only been there once before, for the wedding of some friends nearly 15 years ago, and had never gone to the American side. We spent our closed day Monday enjoying the great weather and scenery. Most of the edges of the falls are part of a State park and you can get entry to the whole thing for only $10 a day, per car. Dad and I walked through most of it and took a bunch of pictures of the falls but didn’t go on the Maid of the Mist or head down through the caves. (we’d both done those before, on the Canadian side) All in all, it was a fun trip and felt just like a longer vacation. Considering how close it is, we may even end up going down there again!

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So the guys have been hard at work, on the roofs, for the past few days.

the house, with new roof

The store is almost finished and they’ve just got a bit more to do on the house. There is little difference in the look of the store, since the new shingles are almost the same brown as the old ones. The house was a bit more a change since we went with a dark blue/grey colour for it. The older ones were the same brown as the store and didn’t go all that will with the soft grey of the paint. It now has a much more cohesive look to it which pleases us all. ( Mother finally fessed up to how much the colour clash was bugging her. It just didn’t make sense to replace a roof for esthetic reasons) Pretty much all that still has to be done is the replacement of the eves-trough. (you see the new stuff, waiting to be attached, in the foreground) Hopefully, it will be finished over the next couple of days and then we can relax and enjoy our new roofs!

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food consulting

While I spend a big chunk of my time working on both design and

kulfi toffee from Vine Cottage Commodities

application of said designs, they mostly fall firmly in the “arts and crafts” arena. However, from reading this blog, you may have guessed that we really appreciate food as well. There is a growing interest in artisanal foods and, being an artist, I find I often have a common ground with those crafting fine foods. This past summer I met Janet and her husband of Vine Cottage Commodities who, among other things, make some incredibly tasty toffees. These are not your commercial, tasteless toffees, but the real thing that only comes through cooking sugar with real butter and cream. When I tried them the first time, I was struck by how much they reminded me of the caramel base flavor you find in the finest of Indian kulfi sweets. While they make a range of flavors, (coffee, cajun, pfeffernesse and my favourite, pumpkin pie) they weren’t familiar with the sweet cardamon milk-based sweets called kulfi. We talked about the possibilities and they went out and did some sampling, (purely in the name of research ), some testing and came up with their very own cardamon toffees. I got to try them for the first time a couple of days ago and they are everything I’d imagined. So far, it’s already looking like a popular flavor, so I’m hoping it will be a big success for them! ( you can pick some up person at the Brantford farmers market, fri and sat or order by phone at 519 469 8580, but they can only ship in the cool months and within Canada)

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