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the first daffodil

Well, the construction workers had said they would be done working out front yesterday and I still have a giant digging machine in my parking lot!

daffodil flower

They are also at work on the front end of the east lawn. It’s where the walking path we want to put in this year will start, so it’s actually going to be a bit helpful for them to have dug it up, but it’s all still pretty much a mess. They are supposed to come back and replace the sod and other things, but it looks like they may finish this whole section first and then come back to fix the landscaping. At least all the warm weather has moved things along very quickly on the flower front. Our first daffodil has opened! I considered cutting it for having in the house, but it looks so pretty as it is that we decided to wait and maybe take a few of the larger group that is coming in.


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Happy Easter

It’s been a busy weekend, so I didn’t get much done in the way of baking. These little cupcakes are about all I got finished. They are all made with

Easter decorated cupcakes

a chocolate batter and two have a vanilla buttercream icing while the third also has chocolate in the icing. (with a hint of green buttercream as a decorative accent) The jellybean eggs may look a bit different but they taste like typical jellies. (what? I had to sample before use, it’s the responsible thing to do!) They may not be much, but at least we’ll have something to make dinner tonight a bit more festive. I hope you all are having a great time this long weekend!

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We had been a bit undecided about opening today. The huge pit is still out front, guarded by some concrete barriers and netting, as well

hand-decorated easter egg

as several pieces of industrial machinery so we figured things would be quiet. Along with it being the Easter weekend. The thing is, yesterday I was out working in the garden and had a surprising number of people stop by so, since I’ve got a ton of things to work on here, we decided to go ahead and open the doors. (I also really try to stick to my posted hours, so that was another good reason to be here) The weather is still incredibly lovely so people may want to go out for a nice wander. We’ll see. (I’ve included a photo of another of my eggs, just ’cause I like having a pretty picture in each entry!)

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Spring construction

I’ve never been into the whole “April Fools” thing but it feels like being open today is a bit of one. As part of the infra-structure developement/stimulus package,

sewer line construction

the hamlet is getting a sewer system and treatment plant. Yesterday afternoon a huge pit (a little over 10 feet deep!) was dug in the front of the store. My little shrubs are in pots and four of the planters have been moved so they could work. I’m thrilled that it’s happening now, rather than in the middle of May or June, but nobody’s going to be wandering about today. They’ll be taking tomorrow off, but said they should be done here by Monday. The rest of the work will be finished in the next month or so and the plant should go on-line sometime in June. At least this should be the end of the digging along the main road.

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